Zombie Defense - Zombie Game


Zombie Defense - Zombie Game - incredible strategy game for Android, which is full of emotions and crowds attacking zombies. Do everything in your possible and impossible in the fight for the approach to the castle, using all the tools available to you. Kill your enemies - the walking dead, save your possessions from stubborn monsters.

Join the battle with Winnie and defend their possessions from the dead. Zombies everywhere, dead around, do not be afraid, and forward into the attack.

Incredible graphics, awesome storyline, bright colors please you and will eclipse all free your time.

Can benefit from the incredible mystical devastating attacks, tighten up their weapons, strengthen your castle.

Be vigilant, and an incredible amount of their need to kill everyone.

Zombies are attacking your possession, in your castle, protect it.


Download Zombie Defense - Zombie Game apk Free 14.62 MB version 1.2

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