Battleship 2


Battleship 2 Battleship 2 - an exciting game, loved by us from childhood on Android now perfectly with improved capabilities. Meet your favorite game with incredible features that will not leave you indifferent. Incredibly - here online multiplayer! Fond of sea battles, or just like to shoot, then you are here. You are waiting for opponents from all over the world, and is at your disposal a great arsenal powerful ships, high-speed jets, bombers, warlike, treacherous mines, air defense, radar and all that is needed for the battle. Think about how to strategically arrange your ships, planes and mines, and after just ahead, hit the enemy, run the air war planes for air-and-bomb attacks, for the collapse of the enemy.

Include your strategic thinking at the time of the ships on the field, aircraft, air defense, mines, try to do everything possible in order not to give any chance to the opponent.

The game will be great graphics, a style notebook and spectacular special effects, filling it with an incredible atmosphere.

Battleship has two features:

1. incredible online battles

2. great competition and worthy opponents from all over the world

3. Choose your own level of difficulty, trying to defeat Android

4. opportunity to play on blyutuzu

5. Try a dip in the
massive battles with
friends, colleagues or acquaintances simply because of blyutuzu

6. there is a great opportunity to play with
friend on
a single mobile device

7. a great opportunity to earn points for
You won battles that will help you acquire
aircraft, mines, air defense radars and

8. To choose the game mode, the
Whether it's a classic, the
Is this advanced mode of the game.

Good luck to you


Download Battleship 2 apk Free 16.83 MB version 1.0.2

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