Star Wars: Tiny Death Star


Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - an incredible strategy on Android, which will capture all your free time. Incredible storyline of the empire, which had decided to create a brand new Death Star, but with our help. The game opens up completely new opportunities for you, you will be able to see different view of the Star Wars series. You will become an insidious secret of bloodthirsty Emperor, because Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is an economic strategy that would take over the main theme of Tiny Tower, and now we can see the map of this new and exciting games.

Your goal, and the main task will be the construction of the Death Star. And before you complete the tasks, with each level needs to be done so that the Death Star to be profitable, to capture the Emperor of the galaxy. Through each level for a large-scale project of the century.

Game mechanics old, maybe you played the original Tiny Tower, then, for you will not have any difficulties. Changes occurred only in the area of ​​action, and above all there was a considerable amount of your dear heroes of the famous space saga. Remember that the main task will be to develop.

It is important to note that each level in the game has a specific function, and the levels are building for the loans. Function of the level can be: residential, recreational, industrial or commercial unit. Despite the fact that the buildings are not many, will seem to you, but each of their mission is important and different in their own way. So, for example residential modules allow workers to place, and the rest for example, to employ them with pleasure.

Do not be news that for the construction of each module must be present consumption, real time. The next step is filling it is not busy denizens of the Death Star, giving each task in the job. It should be noted that in order to perform the tasks necessary to the real time, which in consequence will bring you profit. Profit brings even working elevator operator and station users independently bid farewell to the floor, which is necessary for it, and even make a small profit.

In addition to the global construction jobs give the Emperor and Darth Vader, and they are not complicated and, in extreme cases take a little time to get results, not more. It may seem strange, but life is seething on the Death Star and does not stop, and the work in full swing even in the absence of the main character - the player.

The game is filled with interesting scripted scenes, to energize various episodes of Star Wars also has built-in for easy shopping and overcome the huge amount of information that is useful for a thorough analysis of their own victories. The game will please fans of course the space saga, but it should be noted that it will be extremely interesting as usual admirers strategies. If we consider the option that you were crazy about Tiny Tower, then Star Wars: Tiny Death Star will not disappoint.



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