HEROES OF DESTINY - an incredible game on Android highest class, vivid graphics and realistic process. Enjoy the process of game with a thrilling story, because here and knights, and endless battles. Organize an army of soldiers with the majestic amazing abilities and skills by running them through the battle, getting fame, recognition and epic rewards.

At the kingdom of evil and darkness descended invaded the kingdom, destroying everything in its path. Only by creating a brave army, you will be able to withstand the terrible monsters who are bloodthirsty to horror.

Overcome evil and
Connect to
the struggle for
well, bringing your heroes to
Olympic glory.

1. be a wise commander, directing your army on
a sure way to
which is to
brave heroes, using the comfortable control of your mobile device

2. thrilling gameplay in
style action game.

3. a great opportunity to play for the heroes of different classes endowed with incredible features

4. different themes and locations for fights

5. a great opportunity to replay the mission, incredible mission with the bosses and great prizes

6. an incredible arsenal of stress to improve your soldiers and their combat results

7. Very soon an incredible amount of material in the game updates!

Completely free, have fun great game Heroes Of Destiny, there is also an option when you can choose to pay real money for additional items.



Download HEROES OF DESTINY apk Free 4.25 MB version 2.0.3

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