Kingdoms & Lords for Facebook


Kingdoms Lords for Facebook - an excellent game that is optimized for the Facebook for Android. You need to login to your account via Facebook, to get the resources to go to a meeting and an incredible journey. Build up your kingdom with his army and fight against the dark forces. Your first enemy - the Dark King, whose army consists of barbarians Crusher villages and civilians.

Kingdoms Lords for Facebook and is a simulation and strategy, and the ability to play with his friends, one word will not be bored. It is important to pay attention to but that war is war, and his kingdom is necessary to develop, capturing the resources of competitors, scatter them in the dust.

Be prepared for the attacks of the barbarians and be ready for battle, because the Dark King decided to grab all the land on the continent.


1. prove yourself as a real strategist and nurture a valiant army, grab the neighboring land

2. expand their land, engaged in agriculture, in order to have income and livelihood.

Feel free to invite a fellow in the game. Much more fun to play together, decide which army stronger. Create alliances with friends, show themselves to be true allies and me presents.

Organize your production, receiving additional income. Improving the finished construction, will be able to improve the capacity. Throw your hand at
improvement of the army, which could
would be the best army.


Download Kingdoms & Lords for Facebook apk Free 17.76 MB version 1.0.0

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