Heroes of Dragon Age

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Heroes of Dragon Age - an amazing and addictive game for Android with spectacular battles. By bringing together all the characters, you are doomed to become an unattainable legend. Your colleagues to become the world's warriors from the award-winning series of Dragon Age. Do not leave a chance to other players in the battle, go down in history as a legendary tactician. Join the battle with the strongest passing is not easy to test, based on the legacy of Dragon Age.

The great game of high quality with fine details, exhaust at the highest level. On the mobile device must have at least 480 MB of free space for ustanovki.Sozdayte invincible army of the strongest warriors from all over the world militant Dragon Age. Do not forget the rare dragons, giant golems and many other fearsome creatures, because they are unique in their abilities and strength. The greatness of your army depends on the sound absorption of the characters, their associations and the use of powerful runes.

By creating an invincible army of warriors to use their waste tactics in battle. Become a favorite in the list of leaders will help you truly large number of real heroes that will help you win and collect all the trophies.

Terrific introduction to the history of the world the incredible Dragon Age. Before you complete the goal, will be able to see the glorification of places, historical era, the events of your favorite series.

Stunning and colorful graphics will surprise and impress watching the fighting battles filled with stunning special effects. Do not wait, but right now for free, start your battle!

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeroesOfDragonAge you have the opportunity to chat with the players.

It is important to note that almost all of the items in the Heroes of Dragon Age you will get for free, but there are those that can be purchased for real money. Lack of desire to use this function allows you to easily disable it.

It is important to note that the application collects data through the means of delivery of advertising outside developers and analytics EA, and external developers. Details in the license agreement with the end user and Privacy Policy. The application requires an Internet connection.

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