Samurai Siege


Samurai Siege - a terrific game for free on Android with the adventures of the samurai. Become a true leader of the army of samurai bring them to the glory of immortality. Let Your village will be the unwavering strength. Create fearless ranks of the army and become a favorite among players!

It is important to note that the Samurai Siege free game, but the items are purchased with real money, and the need to adjust the payment within the application settings in the mobile device.

Great addictive game will make use all your experience of strategy and tactics. You have to defend your village from attacking enemy ninjas, samurai and unseen creatures. Getting to know this incredible world, you will fight among the incredibly dense forests, treacherous snow-capped mountains and vast deserts. Fight with compulsive gambling throughout the world, winning prizes and rare items. In addition, you have the opportunity to create an unbeatable community

forces with other players. Take even steeper, and fight with other communities for the championship in this incredible and magical world.

Samurai Siege has the features and

1. legendary battles, incredible combat tactics in real time

2. Your village - your castle

3. create an army of fearless warriors, which will include and samurai and ninja and fighting rams and incredible creatures

4. spend fighting over a network

5. Bring forth a perfect world without evil

6. incredible, magical terrain for battle

7. alliances with the players, will help you to become a favorite

8. communities fight for the invaluable trophies.

It is important to note that in order to play you must be connected to the Internet.


Download Samurai Siege apk Free 49.37 MB version

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