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Tiny Tower -

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Tiny Tower
is a pixel-art style (pixel art) on which we remember from the time of the first game consoles. Still, submitted toy is entitled to praise. After all, Apple acknowledged Tiny Tower game of the year, given the incredible interest
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Tiny Wings, but the game captures its plot and its
economic component.

Turning to stop the game on the goal. The goal - to finish construction

skyscraper. Ability to construct an unlimited number of floors, the desired amount of material required to complete each of them. To do this, the player has the money - coins and
Bucks (bux). After the successful construction of floors player decides that will be placed on each level.

Although small range as possible embodiment

stop at one of the
Direction of Business
used as a living area
Alternatively, it may be or entertainment
or catering, or
creativity. In the specific area of ​​business use up to 3 employees, and who will live in residential areas. For up to 5 characters on a residential floor.

You should be aware of

the characters
Tiny Tower for each individual - their own way. Someone has a talent for selling donuts,
works fine in
a virtual manikin placed on the floor, you will immediately see it to
valifikatsiya. And what would the business developed from you need to make responsible decisions about choosing the right employee. All your employees have the dream -
eamjob. In
first t
Akiho diligent workers should be placed on
corresponding post

Customers who regularly visit the skyscraper, you need to deliver on the floor of an elevator. Very comfortable lift,

which you
manage on your own, with the visitor makes a purchase and can leave a big tip for your attention to it.

Now the goods. The prosperity of each business depends on the range of the product and its availability. Not adhering to this, the business will stop, and the income will fall. Creating a product requires real time, so it can be as minute and hours, after which the product is you on the floor. Of course, if a new item is needed urgently, we need to pay 1

bux or more, depending on the demand and

Skyscraper building floors passes as in real time. Construction time depends on the height of a skyscraper, but paying the right amount of bucks you can speed up the construction. It should be noted that delivering

VIP clients at a certain level, they can be bad enough to cut the actual time of construction.

The time may come when it's the lack of game currency, then

one can
purchase by
App Purchase.
Tiny Tower
will continue, and when you exit it, it does not
requires constant presence
Player that will give the opportunity to receive the coin. And to get your bucks to actively participate in the game.

Tiny Tower gives us a lot of tools to make the gaming control of the business and their mood uchastnikov.Ot financial statistics and finishing services Bitbook - analogue Facebook . In this case, you have the opportunity to exchange earned extra bucks for in-game coins on the course.

Tiny Tower in the beginning may seem boring, but after the building of 10 floors, a well-functioning business and populated with people you have to keep track of various aspects of the game and record income and expenses. Given the fact that the game is free, then why not try your hand.


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