Snowboarding The Fourth Phase


Snowboarding The Fourth Phase - game for android platform from the company Red Bull, which is considered a renowned expert in a variety of extreme sports, both summer and winter. With the game lovers of winter sports, such as snowboarding, summer is not bored, because it can be attributed to the full simulation.

In addition, the game is a promotional game for the same movie about snowboarders, which will be released in the fall of 2016 and is a continuation of the movie The Art of Flight, which was released in 2011.

It is clear that in the game you have to master different descents on mountain slopes. Gameplay supports three game modes - a rapid descent, career and competition. Quick descent has a minimum level of difficulty, during the descent you have to perform assigned tasks. The following modes can be unlocked by reaching certain progress in this simple mode. Career mode and the competition require the implementation of more complex and certainly more fun activities.

We'll have to get used to not very easy operation. Miscellaneous equipment for your snowboarder, you can buy for the earned play money.

The main properties of the game Snowboarding The Fourth Phase:

- A very interesting gameplay

- A large number of exciting tasks to perform

- Support for the three game modes

- Quality design in a nice graph

- Great animation

- Realistic physics and mechanics

- The perfect soundtrack

- The ability to change the camera angle

Negative characteristics of the game Snowboarding The Fourth Phase:

- Very extensive Donat

- Intricate management

- A large number of references to the film, which is not all looking

Summary: It is recommended to see the movie beforehand, then it will be easier to play, and must play, because the game mechanics pleases interesting and beautiful scenic locations.


Download Snowboarding The Fourth Phase apk Free 24.84 MB version 1.0.7

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