Power Ping Pong

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Power Ping Pong - game for android platform from the developer CHILLINGO, which is familiar to many users of good projects, but never paid for. Game Power Ping Pong is no exception. So what is this gaming product? On the table tennis or the other of the ping-pong table, that today is a fairly popular theme for android, can be evidenced by nearly 50 million downloads of games such as Virtual Table Tennis 3D and Table Tennis 3D.

The game, in addition to table tennis, martial arts connected with, in particular, with Kung Fu. It should be noted the excellent work of the designers, because the characters involved in the game, and the whole entourage drawn well, it looks perfectly and can even detract.

Key features of the game Power Ping Pong:

- The classic game of ping-pong

- Addition of martial arts

- You can shoot the ball

- 8 rivals

- 12 species of bats

- The opportunity to improve their skills

- The ability to compete with other players via the Internet

Negative characteristics of the game Power Ping Pong:

- The game fee - it costs $ 4

Summary: The game is an arcade game with elements of action, performed exceptionally well, with the developers and ask for $ 4, but there is no doubt that because of the board game does not get much popularity by the number of downloads.


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