My Cafe: Recipes & Stories


My Cafe: Recipes Stories - game for android platform, in which you have to improve the interior of the cafe, to buy items to help in the preparation of food, and to achieve a competitive advantage to your cafe has become the most popular in the city. Differentiating feature of the game is very interesting and extraordinarily vivid Visitors cafe, communication with them will allow you to learn a lot about taste, about others and about the city as a whole. Meeting with the residents of the city will help bring your cafe to prosperity.

The essence of the game is to control the operation of the coffee shop. At first, the girl, and she is the protagonist, does all the work itself, but as your business grows, it can hire employees. You need to choose the direction of your institution: either it will be a bakery, or a large restaurant, a little on the cozy coffee shop. It is important in the game can help your communication skills. Learning the secrets of customers experiencing them together in the difficult moments of their lives, you will be able to better meet their needs in their institution and increase its influence.

The main properties of My Cafe game: Recipes Stories:

- A fascinating story and quests

- A few passing options gameplay

- Changes to the menu for more customer satisfaction

- Changes in the prices of products

- Installation of various necessary equipment

- Improving the decor and design elements cafe

- Extension of its territory

- The opportunity to play with your friends by sharing recipes

Summary: If you are willing to become the mistress in control the best coffee in the city, download the game and start playing.


Download My Cafe: Recipes & Stories apk Free 25.08 MB version

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