Century City


Century City - a game for android platform from Pine Entertainment Developer, declared as a simulator, but I must say, is quite simple, which is more reminiscent of a clicker. In the game you have to dig for gold and build the city.

When a man becomes rich, or, otherwise, when a person has the free money, there is a need to invest. The game offers a good solution to this problem. Having obtained the required amount of gold, you can put it in the construction of the city, such as you see it.

Going down into the mine, you dig gold by clicking on this screen. Having obtained it for a number, you rise to the surface and enter the menu where you choose the construction of a large number of proposals on which enough money. Each building generates income, so at a certain point in the game you do not have to go down into the mine for gold, and lead the construction of the means earned automatically. There is an opportunity to modernize the buildings.

Then, the city is actively heal, there will be tenants and will drive cars. When you're satisfied with the fruits of their creativity, and you already tired of building and mine gold, you will be able to dispel the boredom of a large number of mini-games.

The main properties of the game Century City:

- The gameplay is more like a clicker than simulator

- A large number of construction projects

- The ability to upgrade buildings

- A large number of mini-games

Negative characteristics of the game Century City:

- Presence of a small Donati, without which you can do

Summary: The game is a great, very exciting clicker that is probably better than a bad simulator, while the game does not require you to a huge number of taps on the screen.


Download Century City apk Free 54.18 MB version 1.14

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