Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO - an innovative new game project for the android platform from the developer Niantic, Inc., which is difficult to bind to any genre. The developer known for the Ingress game, which scored 10 million downloads, and which included the social interaction of people on the ground, transformed into a battlefield. Game Pokemon GO prepared by combining reality and game Pokemon. Databases of applications Ingress and Field Trip downloaded the game Pokemon GO, augmented reality, in which the Pokémon live and where they need to catch. During the first month of the number of downloads is approaching 50 million.

What you have to do? First of all, to know how far you are from the Pokemon, you may wish to annex sensor. Next, using your phone camera, you can track him down. Catch a pokemon you can by running it pokebolom, which, by the way, the limited number and that you need to look on the ground, and caught, you add Pokemon to your collection. So you play up to the fifth level, and then be able to join the team to take part in the battle Pokémon. Battles take place on the ground in the training halls, and the room is painted in the color of the team that won last time. If you suddenly see a man running down the street and looking in the camera phone, do not be surprised, he catches his Pokémon. Pokémon sometimes catch even those who do not know who they are, because they did not see this cartoon.

Realizing that the game is a bombshell, the developers decided to make money, so the game has many, very many, Donata, for which you can buy and pokeboly to catch Pokémon, and the boosters, and more, almost everything, but high prices.

The application consumes a lot of energy and puts the battery, so it is necessary to perform a series of settings. The game does not support android below 4.4 and Intel platforms. You can download the game, but because of the incompatibility or problems will not be able to play with the server, because the game is available for use only in the three countries.

Negative properties Pokemon GO games:

- Huge Donat

- Strongly puts the battery

- Not supported androilami below 4.4 and Intel platforms

- Is available for the three countries - the US, Australia and New Zealand

Summary: This is just great, not just when new, but innovative gaming product, like a bomb rips market of computer entertainment. Sure, the game has a great future, full of fame and popularity. Sooner or later, but this game is to conquer the world


Download Pokemon GO apk Free 63.87 MB version 1.0
Download Pokemon GO apk Free 58.06 MB version 0.29.3

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