Loader & Dump Truck Hill SIM 2


L oader Dump Truck Hill SIM 2 - simulation game for android platform, in which you will execute the instructions on construction sites related to machine control - bulldozers, dump trucks, tractors and other machinery, which will be unlocked during the game.

The game is a series-logical set of missions. For example, if you need to sketch in the sand truck, dug a tractor bucket, the next mission you will have to manage this truck. Thanks to your contribution to the construction of the building under construction will grow and eventually acquire a finished look. Various construction equipment requires special management, so managing its various "representatives", each time you have to get used to.

For registration used not steep, but very decent graphics and stunning sound, even imitating the sound poured sand.

The main properties of the game Loader Dump Truck Hill SIM 2:

- Completed logically built by order of the jobs

- The variety of construction equipment

- Registration in good graphics with excellent physics

- Understandable and accessible management

- The actual tasks to perform

Negative characteristics of the game Loader Dump Truck Hill SIM 2:

- The presence of Donati

- Not enough action

Summary: The lack of activity makes the game a little boring without sparks, though it is not bad simulates construction.


Download Loader & Dump Truck Hill SIM 2 apk Free 67.19 MB version 1.1

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