Psebay - game for android platform, designed for racing fans in the developer Eugene Butakov Moto genre. The project developer declared at both races who seek to the simulator. The entire route along which the race is divided into different areas which are fairly short levels.

Depending on the speed of the passage section of the route you will find a bonus - one, two or three stars. Your goal - not to stop its movement, that is, do not get stuck when passing obstacles and do not fall off the bike, otherwise you'll have to start the level from the beginning of the passage. Land trails abound various obstacles, such as climbs and descents, jumps and bumps, mountains and precipices, marshy swamps and more. The biggest advantage of the game - this is the effect of presence, thanks to the physics of high-quality, beautiful landscapes and design in general.

Basic properties Psebay game:

great gameplay, which is sensitive to gravity, which will change

- Awesome physics

- Unique landscapes

- The perfect soundtrack

- Stylish design silhouettes

- Easy management

- The ability to change the playback speed settings

- The ability to change settings in the graphics quality

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative properties Psebay game:

- The presence of Donati for pumping the bike - fee for upgrades

- The full version of the paid - the price of about $ 1.5

Summary: good representative of the genre, which is sure to impress all lovers of movement on the bike. Fiscal policy in relation to the game is within reason, although it may spoil the overall impression of the game for some users


Download Psebay apk Free 31.66 MB version 1.0.6

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