LONEWOLF - game for android platform from the developer FDG Entertainment GmbH Co.KG, made ​​in a surprising modern style, which is called neo-noir. The developer is already familiar to you by the popular game Banana Kong, which only android gained more than 50 million downloads.

Game LONEWOLF declared as a sniper "shooting with a rating of 18+, which means that it is allowed to play only to persons older than the specified age. Such a restriction is imposed because the game has a very violent scenes in which you do not have to kill the terrorists, not robots no zombies, no monsters and other evil spirits, and ordinary people who have become someone does not like, and they must be eliminated. the main game cruelty and lies just to the ideology of what is happening. in addition, in the game a lot of blood.

You can not call the game a positive, because your task - to kill people on request, with all you need - it's just to know who the target. Impersonal goals determined by the fact that all the victims are not individuals, but they have traits of people. The game is depressive emotions, because each new job that gets the main character, is an emotional stress and moral conflict. All this you can experience in each pixel of the gray and gloomy graphics.

Gameplay is built on the storyline, which is not typical for the genre. Animated cartoon inserts will talk about the main character and his occupation. The main character - an assassin, his motives are not clear. Shoot will be difficult due to shaky hands, the return, the wind. The game has a dialogue, and each story scene painted by hand. The further development of the plot will provide answers to many questions.

Basic properties LONEWOLF game:

- Gameplay takes more than 5 hours

- Thirty missions to perform

- A lot of weapons

- A large number of mini-games

- Support for training mode

- A large number of achievements

Negative properties LONEWOLF game:

- Donat

- advertising

Summary: noteworthy game that hardly a shooting range. However, if you like the sad but fascinating history, where you will be a sniper, download, you will not regret.


Download LONEWOLF apk Free 69 MB version 1.0.02

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