Sandstorm Pirate Wars


Sandstorm Pirate Wars - a game for the android platform that takes you in a post apocalyptic world where you expect a different adventure. The world of chaos is in decline, people used to survive all that is left is complete without desert pirates, but at the same time develop an unusual technology. Entourage game reminiscent of the film Mad Max: Fury Road: desert, pirates, shooting and chase, unusual machines.

Gameplay is built on the storyline, but to describe it does not make sense, because the plot is generated automatically based on the actions you have taken. Each player has its own way and build their own destiny. However, especially if you play a long time, a skirmish with pirates flying next, which occupies most of the game, the order may get bored.

The characters, among which, however, is not familiar characters are aircraft that resemble spaceships, which, however, are flying very low above the ground, and not somewhere in deep space. These aircraft as twins similar to the ship of the old game FTL, if you remember this. But no similarity with the movie or the game does not cause the feeling that this is some kind of plagiarism, not at all. On the contrary, the game looks pretty harmonious and fascinating.

The main properties of the game Sandstorm Pirate Wars:

- Automatically generated story

- Great scope for research

- A wide arsenal of weapons

- Campaign mode support

- The ability to pump the aircraft

- The opportunity to fight with other players

Negative characteristics of the game Sandstorm Pirate Wars:

- Much Donat

- Graphics poor

Summary: The game is fun, and you'll love, but do not play it for a long time, can impair the positive impression.


Download Sandstorm Pirate Wars apk Free 19.43 MB version 0.24.7

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