Ambulance Rescue Driving 2016


Ambulance Rescue Driving 2016 - a game for android platform, declared by the developer as a "simulator", though, should immediately be noted that the real training there is no more, but the game is more like an arcade.

So, as the gameplay, it is necessary to say that it's pretty simple. You have to act in two ways, the first - the driver of the ambulance, the second - emergency doctor. In the first role you will overcome the different roads in several locations, the second character must run out and come in time to the victim, when you get to the scene. And to help the victims, the doctor comes up empty-handed - no kits, no medical suitcase with the necessary tools and medications. Returning to the ambulance, the doctor as it is dissolved, rather than to open the door and take a seat in the cabin.

From the outset, the screen displays a map which marked the scene presented controls and a timer that counts down the time in which you need to get to the marked item. Places where the accident occurred, similar to each other - the car flipped, the victim and several animated people together. and to fulfill the mission at your disposal will be approximately 30 seconds, just after passing more than half of the game, you get more time.

The main properties of the game Ambulance Rescue Driving 2016:

- Beautiful location in these areas (eg, Alps)

- Physics of modern ambulance car

- Different cars, and twenty

- Easy management

- Two seasons - winter and summer

- "Smart" traffic system

- Lack of Donati

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Ambulance Rescue Driving 2016:

- Short time allotted for completing the mission

- Animation and drawing areas leave much to be desired

Summary: The fact that this game is free, it gives it a great advantage, and if you are not afraid of its shortcomings, download and play.


Download Ambulance Rescue Driving 2016 apk Free 43.09 MB version 1.2

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