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TruckSimulation 16 - game for android platform is not very prolific developer Astragon Entertainment GmbH ,, which has a couple of projects two years ago, such as the mystical quest and the crane simulator. Two years have elapsed requirements for gaming products on the market of computer entertainment increased, and its game developer TruckSimulation 16 more behind the reality, as evidenced by several outdated graphics. However, the game was a simulator in which you are waiting for the real roads and cities, licensed trucks, it used a good physicist, so, despite the imperfect graphics, the game leaves a lot of positive impressions.

Your task - overcoming long distances, to manage a large and unwieldy truck deliver goods on time, for the violation of which you can dismiss. At your disposal are several types of trucks made in accordance with the originals from the company MAN, and the many ways in which you will drive until you get bored. It should be noted that there is one in the fleet racing truck on which Johan Khan team takes part in races.

The main properties of the game TruckSimulation 16:

- Good physics

- There is a view from the cockpit window

- The roads of the European quality

- Two dozen cities, where there are attractions

- Seven trucks

- Eight kinds of goods for transportation

- The ability to get more money by hiring other drivers

Disadvantages games TruckSimulation 16:

- Paid - the price of a little less than three dollars

- Translated into different languages, in addition to Russian

- Old and dusty graphics

Summary: It offers a wonderful simulator, although it is charged. Outdated schedule is marked as a disadvantage, but on the other hand, the class schedule will increase the cost and system requirements.

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