I LOVE PASTA - platform game for Android in which you will manage a family Italian restaurant, where all kinds of pasta - it's the main course menu. The menu, of course, has other Italian dishes that you have to learn, because the developer has declared the game as a simulator that can put you up to date on the management of the restaurant.

Gameplay covered different areas of activity of the restaurant, starting with the preparation of the individual ingredients that are used in various dishes, menu preparation and helping to shape and distribution of the budget. If you are not ready or do you just not interested in doing some kind of activity of the restaurant, you can hire an assistant, and shove all cares on him. You can hire your restaurant up to 8 people. To surprise and please your guests a restaurant at your disposal an excellent wine cellar. Ingredients for cooking you can buy on the market, and then, by combining different products to create their own recipes.

Key features of the game I LOVE PASTA:

- The gameplay is organized on 65 levels

- Very comfortable and attractive interface

- The ability to register their franchise and sell it to other users

- A large number of quests

- Interesting mini-games

- The ability to organize a party for friends

Negative characteristics of the game I LOVE PASTA:

- Donat

- Some uncertainty

Summary: An excellent simulation of real-world business processes, which makes the game very exciting and wonderful.


Download I LOVE PASTA apk Free 49.81 MB version 1.1.1

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