Fallout Shelter


Fallout Shelter - a video game for the Android platform developers Bethesda Game Studios and Behaviour Interactive, which is part of the game series Fallout.

You have to build a shelter and to operate it as a caretaker, namely to maintain normal mood in shelters, the number of which shall not exceed 200 people. The system used SPECIAL, the parameters of which are fundamental in the universe of Fallout, involves placing people in accordance with their strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck, as each character has certain features and characteristics that have an impact on the process of production of one or other resources. SPECIAL - an abbreviation of the English words Strength (force), - Perception (perceptions), Endurance (endurance), Charisma (charisma), Intelligence (Intelligence), Agility (Agility) and Luck (luck) .Zhiteley can be sent out for the study of undeveloped land , equip them with weapons and the necessary items. In addition, teaching can change the characteristics of people, change their names, as well as to increase their number, maximizing. This can be done either by natural biological or taking people who came from the undeveloped land, which had been brought by radio.

Extraction and balance of resources is an important strategic issue. The lack of electricity incapacitates the room and the lack of water or food - to the loss of the residents health.

Lunch Box, which contains resources that are part of the bonus system, which will become available to you when performing tasks, and if you play every day for a week or pay real money. The bonus system also includes rare examples of weapons, armor, and characters with an exclusive set of parameters SPECIAL

The strength used in the power plant and nuclear power plant, and is pumped into the weightlifting room. Strength affects the rate of fire from heavy weapons.

People with a high level of perception of the work on the water treatment plant and water filtration, and pumped this option in the armory. Perception affects the search for the items.

Hardy people work in the production of nuclear-pumped cola and this property is in the training room. Endurance helps to find or produce substances that present radiation and reducing health scout. If the stamina reached ten, which means that no longer need scout antiaradin and stimulants.

Charismatic people work on the radio, they enhance the mood of the inhabitants of shelters and attract new people into it. This property is pumped in the bar. Charisma avoiding quarrels and fighting with people.

The work at the medical center and a chemistry lab requires high intelligence. This property is pumped at school. Intelligence affects the ability to handle energy weapons.

In the dining room and the garden needed agility that can be pumped into the room athletics. Dexterity affects the ability to handle a rifle and a pistol, and allows you to escape in order to avoid conflict.

And finally, good luck. Luck is compatible with strength, agility, intelligence and stamina and is pumped into the playroom. Effectively used in exploration. The degree of luck depends on the amount received bonuses, increases the probability of finding the desired object. Luck has an effect on the success of negotiations.

Key features of the game Fallout Shelter:

- Part of the game Fallout series

- The use of SPECIAL stats for the distribution of people

- An opportunity to improve the quality of the characters

- Wide bonus system

Summary: an exciting game that will require you to serious reflection.


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