Pocket Pond 2


Pocket Pond 2 - a game for the Android platform from the developer TriggerWave, which will allow you to get your own virtual aquarium on your smartphone or tablet.

Watch aquarium life for hours, this process calms. However, a beautiful aquarium with fish requires constant care. Those who in real life is or was an aquarium, know that the fish need to be fed at regular intervals, the aquarium should be cleaned, you need to populate it different algae. It is clear that all of it is troublesome and time consuming, but if the aquarium - it's your hobby, then you'll do it with pleasure, and if not, find free time is problematic.

The peculiarity of this game product is that it provides almost unlimited possibilities to create and design your aquarium with a minimum expenditure of effort on your part.

Also, you are provided with plenty of opportunities for breeding fish. You can combine different kinds of them, bringing a new look. The process of mating is very fascinating and sometimes captures more than just the observation of the fish. Each fish is fully interactive and responds to your actions. In addition to fish, you will meet with other water inhabitants: turtles, frogs, crabs and so on.

Main characteristics and advantages of the game Pocket Pond 2:

- A pleasant atmosphere of relaxation

- The ability to create the aquarium of your dreams

- Thousands of species of fish

- The possibility of breeding their fish by interbreeding

- An opportunity to give the fishes aquariums names

- The ability to pay visits to friends to see their aquariums

- Ability to change the fish

- The lack of advertising

- Does not require Internet access

Negative characteristics of the game Pocket Pond 2:

- For some of the features have to be paid

Summary: The main characteristic of this game - it has practically no disadvantages that speaks for itself. Genre games is quite specific, but having a large number of fans who will enjoy the game Pocket Pond 2.

Download Pocket Pond 2 apk Free 30.65 MB version 1.4.2

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