SurGame - game for android platform by enthusiastic young developer SmileyStudio, in which you need to survive in the world, post-nuclear holocaust. The game can not be called dynamic, it can be attributed to the genre of «Survival».

Developers do not have to involve a zombie for the project and built the gameplay more real storyline, according to which the world has experienced a nuclear war, so you need to survive in conditions of increased radiation levels and total destruction, when you are surrounded by vast empty space. The game will be similar in spirit stalkers.

The gameplay is constructed in such a way that your every decision could be fatal for the whole team, so take a balanced decision. In order to get out, you must come. You can take a limited number of items, so you have to choose between basic necessities under the prevailing conditions. Phone must be taken at all times.

Key features of the game SurGame:

- The gameplay is organized on the principle of gaming books

- A huge number of unforeseen events

- Can be called a simulator, because no one knows what lies ahead

- Seemingly simple

- The schedule is made using 2D technology

Negative characteristics of the game SurGame:

- The text is only available in English and Russian languages ​​bad

- Primitive

- Lack of animation

Summary: The rustic appearance of survival simulator that will appeal to those who like the unexpected situations in a dark world.

Download SurGame apk Free 8.52 MB version 1.0

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