Farming Simulator 16

Game Simulations economic strategy 3d multiplayer


Farming Simulator 16 - a game for the Android platform from the developer GIANTS Software, which has considerable experience in developing simulators agriculture as anything but they did not produce. Game Farming Simulator about 16 tractors, farm, field, plants, fertilizers, etc., where you have to bring your farm to prosperity, and for that you provided all sorts of opportunities and economic, as well.

At your disposal a team of specialists is financing, through which you can create an open world, it worked in detail. Different manufacturers of agricultural machinery, which is a lot in the game, will provide you with drawings and parts lists technique by which you will be able to model tractors and combines,

On their fields you can grow five types of crops that can be sold after harvest, you can raise animals, collect milk, cut wool. It is possible to cut wood.

Game Farming Simulator 16 - a third of the game, the two previous parts, despite the payment, have gained a certain popularity, the number of downloads has exceeded half a million. Agriculture - pretty original theme in the sense that there is almost no competition among games.

Key features of the game Farming Simulator 16:

- A large open world

- A lot of opportunities for the development of farm

- A wide range of agricultural equipment from different manufacturers

- Beautiful design in perfect schedule

- Extensive user-friendly interface

- The ability to play with friends

Negative characteristics of the game Farming Simulator 16:

- The game fee - the cost of nearly $ 5

- The lack of synchronization between devices

- Control technique is sometimes some difficulties

Summary: The development of a virtual farm - work more for lovers, but the game is designed so that it is worth the money that it has requested for the developer.


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