Falcon hero


Falcon hero - a game for the Android platform, where you can feel like a bird in free flight, driving a beautiful falcon. Falcon is an element of the wild nature in which natural selection, and therefore it is necessary to do everything possible for their own survival. He has to hide from the dangers, fight enemies, and other birds of prey and hunt to feed themselves. Your task - to monitor the state of Falcon, not forgetting about rest and food. The game missions are on different locations - from hot deserts to snow-capped mountains that will give you the opportunity to explore the world around us. There is an opportunity to improve the Falcon and help him start a family and posterity.

Key features of the game Falcon hero:

- Many locations, open the world

- Beautiful falcon

- Exciting mission and objectives

Download Falcon hero apk Free 49.77 MB version 5.0.0

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