Stray cat simulator


Stray cat simulator - a game for the Android platform, which offers help wandering cat to survive in the city, but not just to survive, but to become leader of the pack of cats. The big city is for "orphan" cat bunch of treacherous enemies and a lot of different hazards.

You need to make a choice from the available breeds of cats and create your own character, has its specific properties, and then do all contribute to its development, including perform assigned tasks. Your cat should be successful, start a family and provide her with a favorable existence.

Your cat should be to explore the city, hunting for mice and other small rodents, dogs and overcome other enemies, as well as to identify their territory and defend it against the encroachments of other cats.

The main properties of the game Stray cat simulator:

· Interesting and fun gameplay

· Various exciting tasks to perform

· Beautiful design with excellent graphics

· 15 cat breeds for your choice


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