SongArc - music game for the Android platform, providing music fans the opportunity to play on a mobile device, and dive into the fascinating adventure to prove that, in addition to the excellent response, you have a fine ear for music.

Similar games have long been present in the market of computer entertainment, among them the popular Guitar Hero, Rock Hero and others. Now this list is complemented game SongArc, in which, as in other games, there is a large set of pleasant melodies, and you need to touch in certain areas of the screen with your finger and do it as long as you do not become a renowned expert or until you lose in the process interest.

Pretty hard to describe the gameplay, better watch video or complete a training level at the beginning of the game, but nevertheless: the playing field contains an arc from which the radius to the imaginary center line are at the beginning of the melody which move multicolored geometric shapes. At the moment of contact arc figure at this point you need to press a finger or hold down, depending on the shape. The most difficult levels are available for the money, but to play so hard that they can not be necessary. The complexity of the game is that increasing speed, increasing the number of lines, increasing the number of combinations. Free you will be given the first 10 levels, which is enough to understand what was happening, and decide on the acquisition of the following levels.

Colorful and beautifully designed game SongArc many will like, but do not expect something out of the ordinary, registration is very simple.

The main properties of the game SongArc:

· Gameplay is simple perception

· Are a variety of musical genres

· The ability to choose from a large number of songs and upload songs from your collection

· The ability to publish their achievements in social networks.

Summary: as briefly describe this game? The most comprehensive definition - "is not a masterpiece, but you can play." Do not forget that there Donat, almost all - to the levels for the songs and stuff.


Download SongArc apk Free 42.41 MB version

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