Mafia Driver Omerta


Mafia Driver Omerta - great simulator for Android. Do not look for similarities with the famous and very popular game "Mafia", which has millions of fans who play on consoles and computers. There is a certain visual similarity and similar ideas, so the first impression of the game is much better than the game is, in reality, even though it does not contain any major flaws, and, of course, would be unfair to say that the game is bad.

That famous "Mafia" - a third-person shooter elements driving cars. The game Mafia Driver Omerta difficult to find something else, coma, cars, American cars and Prohibition.

In the story of the game you do not skate aimlessly unloaded roads and perform tasks for the mafia, which will give some sense of your endless travel around the city. Do not forget that members of the Mafia, for which you will perform tasks that do not live within the law and, therefore, limited actions of the police, but still they are quite aggressive, as you know.

The game has a distinct advantage - it's great graphics, physics successful, attractive design, easy operation, various models of cars and more.

Features and advantages of the game Mafia Driver Omerta:
- Excellent graphics and design
- Very interesting gameplay
- Retro cars
- Corresponding retro music
- The realism of driving, thanks to the excellent physics
- Comfortable and easy operation
- 15 levels, each of which contains a large number of missions
- Limited Time
- Containment of police
- The opportunity to acquire skills optimal parking
- Free download

Disadvantages of the game Mafia Driver Omerta:

- Donat and advertising

Conclusion. The game leaves a very good impression, because of the quality and performance of a particular ideological similarity with the famous "mafia".


Download Mafia Driver Omerta apk Free 39.52 MB version 1.1.1

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