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MONZO - great simulator for Android. Have you ever folding models, such as planes, tanks, cars, boats? Yes, those models that items sold in boxes attached to them instruction on which model it is necessary to make. MONZO offers simulation of such models. I must say that simulators are becoming increasingly popular gaming products on the market of computer entertainment, so developers are trying to make them more interesting as possible. Someone folding process of real models is more fun than a platform game for Android, but in any case it is necessary to try the game on your mobile device.

Game MONZO - enough high-quality simulator, which has certain desirable properties, such as realism, quality graphics, the options provided. First things first. The game is very close to reality, as evidenced not only a set of necessary components for the model, but also the fact that the developers have packed them in a box. So looks familiar! Details are not conditional, and designed and accurately stated. The graphics are very nice and clear. The game offers many different opportunities. You will burn not only assemble the model, but also to paint it accordingly, even glue and stickers.

Of course, there is always a fly in the ointment. In this case, a fly in the ointment, and rather big, by the way, is Donat. You all very much in the learning process, and then to make another model, you need to pay a lot of money. Such a transition for many users a feeling of resentment, and they begin to unflattering comments about the game. Such a strong desire to earn developers is understandable, but it would be that they enjoy more loyal means to achieve their goal.

Key Features and advantages of the game MONZO:

· The original idea for the realization of the simulator

· Very high quality and is excellent implementation

· Management is satisfied with the interests of the user, ie comfortable

· To build more than 30 models available

· Developers are constantly providing updates and additions

· An extensive palette of colors for coloring models

· Given set of stickers

· Have the ability to carry out various improvements

What is negative in the game MONZO:

· One major flaw that overshadows the dignity of the game - a powerful Donat

Summary: Because of Donat game is upset, though if Donat was not so hard, the game could claim to be perfect.


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