Paper Planes Flight Sim


Paper Planes Flight Sim - this game on Android can be attributed to the simulations, namely simulators paper planes, although in real life, no one has yet managed a simple paper airplane - has launched and it flew, so the definition of the simulator will leave a question mark. Controlled airplane in the game is problematic, and the difficulties to be overcome.

What is the essence? Anything - just fly, without purpose, without the storyline. You can collect other airplanes that are visible on the map, but it needs to be a pilot-assom. To start the game enter your name, tighten up the settings - and forward to the sky!

The environment is made of texture in contrast to the performance of the pixel in the famous Minecraft. The texture is a volume made mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, etc., that looks great altitude, and when you get closer you notice the ugly forms. And then it seems that Unity, which drives all the gameplay is not enough.

Key Features and advantages of the game Paper Planes Flight Sim:

· Pretty realistic management

· Attractive environment

· 6 option airplanes

· Online support for ten participants

· Anything that contains the game, the player is provided with absolutely no payment

Negative qualities of the game Paper Planes Flight Sim:

· Design is disappointing and a lot of questions

· Process control both uncomfortable

· There are lags due to Unity

· Can not be traced goal of the game

Summary: If you want to test your management skills paper airplane, you should play, but overall the game was not created to make a breakthrough in the market of computer entertainment.


Download Paper Planes Flight Sim apk Free 38.02 MB version 1.0.2

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