4x4 Off-Road Rally 3


4 × 4 Off-Road Rally 3 - a great game for Android. Today, many lovers to experience off-road capabilities are combined in special clubs and commit extreme travel cross-country, and the harder the more exciting. This idea of developers Gravity Games ltd have based game 4 × 4 Off-Road Rally, so you will not be playing chase by car and an SUV will overcome various obstacles mostly natural.

If in real life such a pleasure rather dubious, because damages in the first budget, depriving their comforts, is to the detriment of the very car, the game is a journey totally harmless.

Advantages of the game 4 × 4 Off-Road Rally 3:

· The idea is fresh and quite entertaining

· Good graphics

· Obstacles close to the real

· Jeep game - the result of thorough reflection developers

· The journey at different times of day and under different weather

· From the cockpit looked through the neighborhood

· Easy to play, and the struggle with the difficulties - the process intriguing

Disadvantages of a 4 × 4 Off-Road Rally 3:

· Selection of small SUVs

· In a small number of trial levels

· Do not have enough endurance and perseverance to pass some very challenging levels

· Problems with the physics of the car

Summary: The trial version of the game is free, but for those who enjoy challenging off-road driving with extreme situations, you should immediately purchase the full version of the game.


Download 4x4 Off-Road Rally 3 apk Free 7.97 MB version 1.1

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