Moy 3


Moy 3 - very popular previous versions of the game, as evidenced by the nearly 20 million downloads on the android and a lot of positive reviews of users, caused the development of children from Frojo Apps another part that was left almost unchanged, but made ​​it a supplement.

If you were a user of previous versions of the game, you do not have to get used to the gameplay. Just have new opportunities to show love and care for your virtual pet. Graphics got a little better, but still has a cheerful character.

Game for all ages! Play, regardless of age!

Key features of the game Moy 3:

- Gameplay convenient and familiar to those who have been users of previous versions of the game

- Attractive graphics

- Except Moe appeared fish in the aquarium, which also need to care

- Have the opportunity to travel with your pet, and to find interesting gifts

- Have the ability to wash in the washing machine his things if he got dirty

- You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner cabin

- Can put to sleep Moy

- Can make him eat

- You can communicate with Moy, because now he can speak

- Playing a mini-game, you can earn coins

- You can show your pet in social networks

- No need to pay!

What upsets in the game Moy 3:

- Have a powerful enough Donath

- A great resemblance to Pou ...

Bottom line: fans of the genre will enjoy definitely. Even without Donata game is quite fascinating.


Download Moy 3 apk Free 13.27 MB version 1.01

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