Dragons: Rise of Berk


Dragons: Rise of Berk - awesome toy - a simulator for your Android. Offers cute dragons and exciting journey. Dragons will always remain a mystery to us, they will always be special for us unexplored topic. Unfortunately games are not so much with the Dragons and the more simulators. Well, let's get acquainted closer with the game from developer Ludia Inc. controlled by Dreamworks.

The game's plot gives us an incredible and ancient Viking world where dragons are definitely honorable beings are what and love and fear and respect. But for their development and improvement of your efforts are needed. You need to breed new species, engaged in development of the village, which will contribute to your dragons grow. Please its efforts on the development of their island, grow dragons, accumulate resources, and remember that the enemy does not sleep.

Dragons: Rise of Berk has features:

- Incredible Dragons are waiting for you, with some of you already know, and another 18 have the opportunity to get in the game

- Great for exploring the island - their 25

- A lot of exciting missions and cartoon characters

- Excellent animation and voice gameplay

Absolutely safe to say about the pros Dragons: Rise of Berk

- A colorful and great graphics and amazing animation

- Realization of a great cartoon

- Practically boundless world for your research

But where there are advantages, there are minor cons of Dragons: Rise of Berk

- Have the runes to help in the development, but there is the opportunity to play without them, you have the opportunity to get them in the game

- The game knows only English that may not like

- Internet access is required for the game

Bottom line: good quality and game created based on the famous and already love the movie.


Download Dragons: Rise of Berk apk Free 42.58 MB version 1.2.10

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