Dragon Story: Easter


Dragon Story: Easter - a great game for Anroid only on your mobile device. So, quite special edition is the best free games on the cute dragons "History of dragons. Easter "! Home - Your task is to grow and breed cute drakoshek on a magical island. You will need to take care of them until the crumbs from - drakoshek not grow great and mighty dragons. You can cross them and experiment, and you can get brand new and very rare species. Easter dragons, festive decoration and rewarding storylines.

Features Dragon Story: Easter:
1. try to get the best and the strongest dragons were with you.
2. exercise the utmost care of their pets along the way, so they grow strong and powerful.
3. drakoshek breed different colors, mixing species creating unique cuddly creatures.
4. do not forget the magic food for their cuties feeding them watch them grow and change.
5. decorate the island habitat to your taste, placing bright dwelling, impregnable castle tower, decorated with bright colors and other decorations.
6. incredible graphics brighten your pastime, and excellent animation turn your game into reality.
7. do not forget to invite your friends from Facebook or Storm8. You will be able to help each other in dealing with many issues.
8. present a completely free upgrade.

Large selection drakoshek who are willing to be with you shoulder to shoulder. The choice is yours.

It is important to note that this game is recognized as the best in their line for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It must be remembered that the "History of the Dragons" - an online game, so, please make sure that your device is connected to the Internet.

Also pay attention that the application is free, but you have the opportunity to make purchases within the application for real money. To disable this feature, you need to open Google Play Store, press the Menu key and select Settings (Settings) -> Use a PIN-code for shopping (Use PIN for purchase). Enter a four-digit PIN-code.

Have a good time!

Download Dragon Story: Easter apk Free 41.19 MB version

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