Furby -

incredible and enjoyable official app for Android, which will help you to manage your beloved pet Paints.
When you already have a game, then this app is definitely a must for you. Furby app opens for you an opportunity to interact with him, feed him. And also a handy feature that allows you to translate words.

Awesome program for an exciting game with an interactive toy «Furby».

Tamagotchi Furby has features:

1. The program can convert with farbisha - the language Paints on Russian

2. the program is able to feed Paints

3. and more surprises.

Completely free download game and be sure to feed your pet with all sorts of products that you will find in the pantry or the Steakhouse. Maybe you do not have your pet Paints, then use the application to get the translation of words with interesting farbiyskogo language and get a chance to hear how they sound.

We can give some examples of the application:

Utility room, allows you to select food for pet Paints, which presents more than 100 kinds of products and try to understand what food he likes and what is not.

The snack bar will give you the opportunity to cook a gourmet meal for Paints, which shows more than 60 different components for making sandwiches.

Translator will help you understand what the Paints. Translator will help you to quickly convert from ferbiyskogo language. Keep near the mouth Paints your mobile device when he's talking to, and when you see a cloud in the text, then just click on the phrase in Russian ferbiyskom or to hear how it sounds.

Dictionary will help you to get an unforgettable practice farbiyskom language with farbiysko-Russian dictionary, even when your pet is not there.


Download Furby apk Free 49.6 MB version 1.0.24

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    Czemu ta aplikacja nie działa na HTC Desire 310 ?