Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue!


Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue! - Kind and just a terrific game on Android with a real adventure. Save the animals from poachers by building them for real, safe Wonder Zoo. Try to create all the conditions for the animals rescued by you.

Unfortunate poacher and his accomplice, stealing animals and their offspring. The adventure begins with a veritable safari, and your main task will be to help and save the wild animals that were in a difficult situation. Rescued animals must be placed in your zoo, it is interesting to look at how they grow and replenish their forces, under the supervision of qualified personnel of your zoo. Stunning and thrilling experience and journey await you.

Awesome job, and many adventures, a gorgeous, colorful graphics completely capture you and plunge into the stunning world of animals and wildlife.

Go to
Bring to your attention a great number of climate zones, and here
savannah, and
jungle, and
mountains, and
Arctic and
also an aviary. Find the animals and
them, give them
a bit of their world zoo for safe living.

Let your zoo will be the most popular in the
the world's most original in
world. Try to get the most decorative pets, such as the phoenix or unicorn, help them
and multiply
create a happy family. Decorate your safe haven for animals, and
Let the design of your zoo is not
no one will be able to repeat. Decorate with colorful plants, magnificent scenery, put the souvenir shops, restaurants, then everyone who visited your zoo will remember it the most colorful.

Go to
You on
help from friends who can go with
You on
Safari will help you to find and
save the cute animals, using the ability of the hunter a little, a little tamer, a little Ranger. Attend your friends and
help each other, which will help you to make your dream zoo, where love will reign and

Playing like and
children and
adult. Excellent and
nice music, make your pastime interesting.




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