Inferno squad


Inferno squad - a game for the android platform that takes you into space where you have numerous battles with monsters that have come from other planets. - Your task is to protect humanity from alien aggression, destroying them with the help of modern weapons. Going into the squad to destroy the monsters, you will successfully perform combat missions in different locations in the corridors of the space station. Do not allow the enemy to approach for a short distance, try to shoot accurately, do not smear. Shoot straight and do not let the monsters close. The allies, with whom you can unite to help you win the battle.

The main properties of the game Inferno squad:

- Support for the four game modes

- Various space location

- A large arsenal of weapons

- A large number of characters

- The opportunity to purchase equipment and weapons

- The opportunity to fight with other players

To play you need to provide access to the Internet and download additional files.


Download Inferno squad apk Free 48.88 MB version 1.0.9

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