distinctive mission


Special Mission - a game for android platform from the developer Coola Games from China, made ​​in the genre of shooting range, where you will snipe at enemies.

It is hard to imagine the variety of enemies that will attack you, since zombies and finishing with tanks and aircraft. Your same task is to everyone, without exception, to shoot. That's why he and the shooting range, so as such the story in the game is missing. We only know that your main character - a strong serious divisions soldier who must destroy the enemies who do not understand (due to lack of plot) where did.

Gameplay takes place in different locations, where the main character from the shelter firing at the enemy until you clear all the location, then it goes to another shelter, and continues to fire.

The game is made in a very good graphics and has at least two advantages - it is a very large arsenal of weapons, which can also improve and a multiplayer mode that allows you to fight with other players, and join unions.

The main properties of the game special mission:

- The gameplay takes place in more than 200 locations

- Good design

- A large arsenal of weapons

- The best results and the records entered in the table leaders

- Support for multiplayer mode for PvP battles

Negative characteristics of the game special mission:

- The availability of tangible Donati

Summary: quite traditional shooting gallery, is not new, but made ​​a good quality level.

Note. To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb

Download distinctive mission apk Free 25.17 MB version 1.1.26

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