Samosa: Auto runner gunner


Samosa: Auto runner gunner - game for android platform, in which you become the savior of mankind. In this game you have to fight the crowds of monsters who are distraught scientist, who decided to conquer the world. There is a fantastic machine, equipped with such modern powerful weapons, which you install on it. On this drive you together with the main character will carry on different locations, continuously firing on the enemy, because you have to destroy all the monsters that are caught in the way. You have the opportunity to improve your car, turning it into a real military equipment, and fight and defeat enormous bosses.

The main properties of the game Samosa: Auto runner gunner:

- Game play 40 exciting levels

- 5 worlds with exceptional locations

- In a kind of non-standard design chart

- The opportunity to fight with five huge bosses


Download Samosa: Auto runner gunner apk Free 47.74 MB version 1.0

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