Pixel Arms


Pixel Arms - platform game for Android from the developer Bluenine Games, which filled the game action with the addition of construction and mining resources. However, again the games about zombies, so you will find another zombie apocalypse with consequences such as destruction and their continued survival in the harsh conditions. Your task is to make its way through the city, wielding the bat, then the machine.

The plot of the game is not just necessary to eliminate everything that moves. The game is made in a cubic graph «a la Minecraft». You are given the ability to pump weapons, which in the game a lot, but not just so, and for the Donut or tools that can be obtained for carrying out missions. The mission involves the destruction of a certain number of zombies that can attack and back as well.

Key features of the game Pixel Arms:

- Support of game modes - the company and multiplayer

- A large number of missions to perform

- Design using graphics in the style of Minecraft

- A lot of options for improving the hero

- A large arsenal of weapons

- The ability to pump weapons

- The system of ranks

Negative characteristics of the game Pixel Arms:

- Donat

- Zombies, the theme of which is quite beaten

- Lack of plot

Summary: Pretty fun game despite the absence of plot and the presence of the same zombie. If you address these shortcomings, it would be very interesting.

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb

Download Pixel Arms apk Free 19.07 MB version 1.1.2

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