Air Battle: World War


Air Battle: World War - arcade game for the Android platform, which offers to destroy enemies in the sky. Since the game is an arcade, the takeoff and landing here, your task is to gently hold the plane in the air, enjoying the flight and fight, because the action takes place during World War II, when pilots and aircraft were on weight gold.

It should be noted that the developers were able to literally recreate the battle in detail, all kinds of tanks, trucks, military train, infantry and anti-aircraft guns and air technique of those times, which in the game for more than ten units, including blimps and balloons.

Key features of the game Air Battle: World War:

- Events are taking place during the First World War

- Fifty exciting missions

- Support for multiple game modes

- Clear arcade management

- Beautiful scenery

- Well-designed appliances

- Different weather conditions

- Twenty-fighters

- The possibility of improving the aircraft

Negative characteristics of the game Air Battle: World War

- The presence of surround Donat

- There is no opportunity to play online

Summary: very nice visually and no less exciting game with a beautiful and detailed study of military equipment that will surely find its fans.


Download Air Battle: World War apk Free 38.69 MB version 1.0.1

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