NYZombies 2

Game Shooting Action action shooter


NYZombies 2 - a game for the Android platform and the zombie apocalypse as its result, the developer Foursaken Media. Games on this subject on the market quite a lot of computer entertainment, including runners, shooting ranges, simple shooter. The game NYZombies 2 you can move freely in any direction, but in the limited space of the American metropolis of New York, who suffered from a zombie virus.

The once very noisy and bustling city with one million inhabitants are not now immersed in silence and suffering, occasionally heard cries for help or groans of the dying. This agonizing city you will survive. You need to arm themselves with a knife and a gun, be sure to find shelter and perhaps the same as you survivors to continue the way to the closed sections of the city, you will need suitable equipment.

Game NYZombies 2 can not be called a very dynamic, there will have to delve into the background and quite a lot to read, so it will be called quest, although shooter it is also present. At each level you need to perform a certain task. The game has three levels of difficulty - easy, difficult and very complex, the latter appears only if you'll master the two previous levels.

As part of the registration of the game also please many, decent graphics, researched the world and quite different zombies, some are fast, some are slow and look each in their own way. In general, the atmosphere is great! And whether you need something else in such horror movies?

Key features of the game NYZombies 2:

- A fascinating story about zombies

- Three levels of difficulty

- Excellent design in a nice graph

- Various zombie

- Well drawn outside world

Negative properties NYZombies Game 2:

- The game is paid, but rather moderately - one dollar

- A certain awkwardness image locations

- A few standard plot without much intrigue

Summary: The game is worth the money that ask for it, developers, and if you do not spend a dollar sorry, download and play, you enjoy


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