Battlefield interstellar


Battlefield interstellar - game for android platform invites you to participate in a bloody war on the side of the interstellar empire, which the unfolding battle in futuristic designed locations.

Your task is to implement difficult and dangerous combat missions on different planets of the galaxy, you will penetrate the locations of insurgents and terrorists, to take part in covert operations. In the story of the game you are a sniper elite squad the imperial army, so will hit enemies with well-aimed shots from a sniper rifle and other weapons.

You can create your squad undefeated fighters, build a military base and defend it from attacks by the enemy.

The main properties of the game Battlefield interstellar:

· Fun gameplay

· More than 70 scenarios

· Beautiful design with excellent graphics

· A vast arsenal of weapons


Download Battlefield interstellar apk Free 46.12 MB version BFI_1.0

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