Space Shift: The Beginning


Space Shift: The Beginning - scrolling shooters have long taken their place in the market of computer entertainment, giving users a great opportunity to have a good time. Game Space Shift: The Beginning developed in the genre of horizontal scrolling shooter and has one attractive feature - that attracted in the first place - a busy schedule, which is not very typical of the usual scrolling shooter.

The main colors of the game selected a bright red and chrome, which looks amazing and eye-catcher. Game design is somewhat reminiscent of America '50s and the image of the cartoon series "Cars", which also looks great. No less striking graphics, which made the game, she is very beautiful, it can be said with gloss.

Gameplay is not much different from the process in other to scroll-shooter. Your ship is flying forward, making no stops, there is only room to maneuver, so as not to run into obstacles on the way and shoot to repel the attacks of the enemy gunfire. The game takes place, most likely in the upper troposphere, as evidenced by the cloud, and you have to fight with aliens from outer space.

Game features Space Shift: The Beginning:

• a large assortment of weapons

• many opportunities to upgrade their aircraft

• For the most diligent and persevering have special bonus levels

• the opportunity to download the game for free

• lack of Donato.

The main drawback of the game - its complexity to overcome the first ten levels, you'll have to work hard.

Summary: This game - a stylish little thing for fans of scrolling shooters and for all who enjoy a stylish game.

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb


Download Space Shift: The Beginning apk Free 10.13 MB version 0.951

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