No Hope

Game Shooting Shooter


No Hope - game on Android No Hope, implemented in mixing the two genres - Tower Defense and Shooting, will offer you a rather non-standard situation, where you have to survive.

Gameplay is very simple, but, despite its simplicity, is quite fascinating. You have to defend the house from the invasion of zombies. Speaking as the towers, you yourself will run around the house and shoot these zombies. Reflecting the first few attacks, you will find a box with bonuses that can get more powerful weapons, which will deal with the zombies faster and better. Number of tactics that you can use for the defense depends on the number of open arms, ie the more weapons, the more tactics.

There is one small problem, which consists in the fact that all have to learn in the game, as there is no screen saver with at least some introductory videos, there is no learning.

The main properties of the game No Hope:

· Twenty levels

· 30 achievements

· 6 types of weapons

· 8 types of bonuses

· Opportunity to improve defended by object

· Lack of Donata

Negative characteristics of the game No Hope:

· Do not persist after the loss of life

· Game fee - about $ 1.5.

Bottom line: it's not worth the money that ask for it, although it could be given the time and attention provided that allow the game to download for free.


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