Counter desert strike


Counter desert strike - probably no man in the world, which is not at least heard of the game Counter Strike, and many users around the world will appreciate the opportunity to play in the fancy "shooter" on the phone. This gives them the opportunity to Counter Strike for Android platform.

You act as a sniper of the US Army and using the phone can go into the wilderness of the war on terrorism. To destroy the terrorists you will use the weapon with a telescopic sight.

The game is made in superb graphics with excellent management and sound design.

You can play or with friends, or with bots. The aim of the game depends on the card that will play, whether you have to defuse the bomb, or rescue the hostages.

Resume. This game is for fans to play in the "voynushku" and shoot a gun with a telescopic sight.

Download Counter desert strike apk Free 12.7 MB version 2.3

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