All Guns Blazing


All Guns Blazing - shooting, and it is in this genre, this game is made ​​for Android - is a pioneer in the market of computer entertainment, so it is very difficult to give a freshness of such games. Some developers are trying to pass a shooting range for the shooter, but not always successfully. In this case, the creators of the game from Mobile Gaming Studios Ltd. tried to make it fun, thanks to an interesting story.

What awaits you in the game All Guns Blazing? A great symbiosis story about the mafia and a simple economic strategy. It must be admitted, has turned out quite well! Judge for yourself. You need to create from scratch economic development and sustained financial mafia syndicate, well armed in case you have to defend against the enemy or to attack it. From the very beginning you have nothing but a pistol and ambitions.

The game has a sufficient number of fun and exciting elements. This is an exciting shootout, the economic component, the ability to play online, great graphics, finally. Unfortunately, the online mode assumes Donati, and here it is almost everywhere and without it very difficult to beat.

The main properties of the game All Guns Blazing:

· Intriguing plot with spectacular gunfights

· Cool design with excellent graphics, detailed and thoughtful picture of the environment

· The opportunity to unite and fight against other players

· Large number of interesting missions and tasks to be done

· Wide arsenal, as well as hundreds of other attributes, such as houses, clothes, jewelery, etc.

· The ability to create their own weapons

· Large number of rivals

· You can play and not pay

Negative properties games All Guns Blazing:

· It is very difficult to play without Donati, and he is demanding and hard

· Mandatory internet connection

Summary: a great idea, which is also remarkably implemented, but Donat and mandatory internet connection - these are the fly in the ointment that can spoil a barrel of honey.


Download All Guns Blazing apk Free 20.17 MB version 1.118

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