AirAttack HD


AirAttack HD - Android game, which has won wide popularity, has more than 10 million downloads. The game is made in two versions, in full, the cost of which is $ 1.5 and condensed, which are free. Both versions differ a great high-quality graphics. The difference in the versions is only that in the short contains 3 missions and 24 species of the enemy with whom to fight, and the full version contains 10 missions and 64 species of enemies.

The game is very dynamic and decorated with stunning graphics. Developers have tried to approximate the model airplanes, which in game three, for real. Destruction to be anything that gets in your field of vision.

It should be noted that both versions of the game, and the complete and truncated, do not contain Donati.

The main characteristics and advantages of the game AirAttack HD:

· Game has three difficulty levels and two modes, one of which survive (not limited mode)

· Unity engine provides smooth image

· Beautiful design with stunning graphics, spectacular effects, realistic physics

· Orchestra recorded music

· Seven kinds of control, of which there is certainly the most convenient

·-Designed and well-made location of the Second World War

· Three aircraft to perform tactical tasks

· A wide arsenal is also super-weapons

· The opportunity to destroy the buildings and land bridges

· Each mission completed a challenging boss

· Lack of Donata in shortened and full versions

· For a shortened version no need to pay

Negative characteristics of the game AirAttack HD:

· Cost of $ 1.5 Full Version

· Not a very large number of missions, even in the full paid version of the game

· No possibility of pumping and accordingly enhancements

Summary: it is clear that the game deservedly gained popularity, bringing the joy of a huge number of fans.


Download AirAttack HD apk Free 26.59 MB version 1.8.1

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