STRIKERS 1945-3 - as the name implies, this is the third part of the game on Android, which, incidentally, is very similar to the second, and the first part got lost somewhere. The game is made in the genre scrolling shooter. The action takes place, as, again, the name implies, during the Second World War.

It should be noted that the second part has more than one million subscribers. The similarity with the second part is there, but there are differences. For example, in the third part of the game you need to manage modern aircraft, from the famous to the F22 Stealth. In addition, there is the opportunity to play online.

In order to ensure a level playing field players in the online mode, the developers have completed the game in retro style, the graphics are not that demanding on power and licensing capabilities of the device, so the game will not lose its dynamism on any device. The second reason that chose such graphics, can be called desire of developers to keep the spirit of the games 90 times.

The main properties of the game STRIKERS 1945-3:

· Very dynamic classic game in retro style

· Simple operation, which can be easy to get used

· Used arcade physics

· To choose from several levels of difficulty

· Support online mode for the four parties

· A large variety of aircraft models

· Low power requirement devices

· You will find a lot of achievements and leaderboard

· The game supports nine languages

· For download no need to pay

Negative characteristics of the game STRIKERS 1945-3:

· Graphics are not all like it, despite the retro style

· The presence of significant Donata

Summary: The properties that will provide the game competitive advantage is the ability to play games online and minor requirements to the product specifications.


Download STRIKERS 1945-3 apk Free 35.67 MB version 1.0.1

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