iBomber 3

Game Shooting Shooter


iBomber 3 - in this shooter game for the Android platform, you take a direct part in hostilities during the Second World War. Piloting one of the bombers, the B-17 and Lancaster, each of which has a large number of bombs you can fire at the enemy from the Pacific to Europe. You can drop bombs and sink enemy ships, destroy military equipment, to destroy other military objects. But do not forget that the enemy will be protected, so try to avoid hits from anti-aircraft guns and Aim carefully, so as not to miss on enemy targets.

The main properties of the game iBomber 3:

· Fun gameplay

· Beautiful multicolor graphics

· Comfortable control

· Two bombers at your disposal

To play you need to download cache, address: sdcard / Android / obb /


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Application Type: Paid
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